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Our goal is to limit potential conflicts with other applications, though since these are impossible to prevent entirely, we make sure it’s easy to re-assign global hotkeys.

*Hotkeys marked with an asterisk are disabled by default and must be enabled in the settings first.

Default global hotkeys

These are the defaults, which can easily be customized during the set-up process or in the settings. If you’ve customized a hotkey, then this hotkey will remain customized even though the default options in a newer version of ClipClip may have changed.

Creating & Editing

Add new clips or edit their contents.

Create a new Markdown clip and open it in the editor

Ctrl + Shift + N*
Open the most recent clip in the editor

Ctrl + Shift + E
Save the most recent clip as a file

Ctrl + Shift + S*
Take a screenshot


Paste Menu

Paste clips with or without formatting.

Show the paste menu

Ctrl + Shift + V
Show the paste menu with simplified formatting enabled

Ctrl + Shift + F*
Show the pinned clips paste menu [note: Q stands for quick]

Ctrl + Shift + Q*

Actions Menu

Apply an action to the selection or to the latest clip if nothing is selected.

Show the actions menu

Ctrl + Shift + A

Translate Menu

Translate the selection or the latest clip if nothing is selected.

Show the translate menu

Ctrl + Shift + X*

Settings & Utilities

Enable the clipboard monitor

Ctrl + Alt + M*
Simplify formatting

Ctrl + Alt + F*


Shortcuts are keyboard combinations that are used within ClipClip’s UI, generally within a menu.

Updated on: 13/04/2023

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