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Default Folders

Default folders

These folders are created by default for new users to show how they can organize their clips. They may be renamed or deleted, and subfolders may be created within them.


Your address or third-party addresses.

Bank accounts

Bank account information for easy access when someone has to send you a payment. We recommend password-protecting this folder.

FAQ responses

Responses to questions you are frequently asked.

Notes & Snippets

Notes and random snippets of information. We recommend adding subfolders when this makes sense. For example; Recipes, Lyrics, Quotes, Poems, etc.

Phone numbers

Your own phone numbers or those of third parties.


These can be pasted as inline images, and dragged to Gmail or other third-party apps as content.


Rather than setting up every place you might use a signature (email clients, forums, etc) you can rely on ClipClip as a central repository. You could also save a scan of your actual signature as an image and paste it in Word to digitally sign a contract.

Do you frequently share certain web pages? Store them as plain text URLs or as HTML links.

Updated on: 13/04/2023

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