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When pressing the screenshot hotkey, capture mode will be activated.

Capture mode

During capture mode, the screen is darkened to make the capture area more visible. Here, you can change the capture settings (type, steps, and toggles) using the keyboard.

The helpful information is visible by default if it’s the first time you’re using ClipClip. Otherwise, press the F1 key to display the helpful information.
The capture settings work as follows;
Pressing the option’s key will activate that option. Pressing the key again will deactivate it.
The Alt key is generally reserved for adjusting the setting’s default value. If Alt is not pressed while entering a step key, the previously used value will apply. If it’s the first time you’re activating a setting, then the built-in defaults will apply.

Capture type

These are the different types of captures that can be made. Changing the capture mode might change the capture options.
[I] Image (Capture an image)

Take a screenshot in PNG format.

[G] GIF (Create a GIF)

Record the screen in GIF format.

[V] Video (Record a video)

Record the screen in MP4 format.

Capture steps

The available steps depend on the capture mode and are processed when the capture area has been selected. More than one step can be activated at the same time. The steps will be applied in the order that they were activated, except for instant options.
[A] Apply an action

Apply the last used action to the captured image. Press Alt + A to open the actions menu and select a different action.

[E]Open in editor

Open the captured image in the default editor. Press Alt + E to choose a different application.

[F] Save as a file

Save the file using a standard system save dialog, applying the default naming pattern. Press Alt + F to customize the file name and location.

[T] Extract text

Extract text using OCR and copy the results to the clipboard when completed. Press Alt + T to define the language.

[U] Upload the file

Upload the image or video to the most recently selected image uploading service. Press Alt + U to select a new service. (default option will be Imgur until Screen.Link is functional)
Capture toggles
These are independent of the capture mode. Toggles are like settings which can be turned on or off. They retain their previous value from one capture to the next.

[C] Show the mouse cursor

Show the mouse cursor while capturing.

[D] Add a delay

Delay the capture for 5 seconds. Press Alt + D to adjust the delay duration.

[M] Include metadata (future: )

Include a footer with metadata in the capture which includes the window title and date/time.

[W] Apply a watermark (future: )

Apply a watermark to the captured image or video. Press Alt + W to adjust the watermark.

[X] Show coordinates

Show the mouse coordinates and information about width and height.
Capture controls
These are keys which have an immediate effect on the capture in progress.

[←↑↓→] Move the capture area

Pressing the arrow keys will move the capture area by a single pixel in the direction of the arrow.

[Shift] Select an aspect ratio

By pressing this key, the aspect ratio is fixed. Your last used aspect ratio is selected as a first option. By pressing it again, you can cycle through the following options: none, square (1:1), landscape photo (4:3), widescreen (16:9) and portrait photo (3:4).

Updated on: 13/04/2023

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