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Using the Paste Menu

Paste Menu

The Paste Menu provides an easy way to access your Latest Clips, Saved Clips, and Context-Sensitive Clips without having to access the Manager window. By default, the assigned hotkey is Ctrl + Alt + V, however, this may be changed in the settings.

Using the Paste Menu

When the Paste Menu is loaded, you’ll notice that one of the clips is selected and highlighted. By default, ClipClip will select the last clip you copied if copying was your last action or the clip below the last one you’ve pasted if pasting was your last action. This makes it easier to paste clips sequentially, one after the other, without having to remember their positions.

There are a few options to paste something other than the clip’s contents or to apply some action to it: “Hold CTRL to paste as a file, SHIFT for plain text format, or ALT for the title.”

Updated on: 01/03/2023

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